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John Warren DJ/Producer

Reformed Vinyl Junkie. DJ, Producer/Remixer.

Now residing in Oslo but previously based in the UK; John Warren’s passion for dance music spans over two decades – he started  DJ’ing in the late 1980’s and became a regular warm up DJ for ‘balearic pioneer’ Steve Proctor at his seminal London club night ‘Better Days’ in the early 90’s.

Notable residencies during the 1990’s were ‘Jump’, ‘Independance’ ‘XS’ & ‘Shakavara’ – with regular guest spots at clubs such as ‘Club UK’, ‘Leisure Lounge’ and ‘Feel the Rhythm’

Alongside co founder Matt Wells, the Aural Graffiti name originally surfaced in the early 2000’s with club nights in London (Coco Loco) & Leeds (Think Tank ). It was around about this time the label founder purchased some home studio gear – a Boss DR202 drum machine, an Akai MPC2000, and a Novation K Station synth…and started dabbling in his own productions. By late 2004 John was primarily using digital audio software to hone his production skills.

In 2008, he won a remix competition ran by IRMA Records – which saw the Aural Graffiti dub mix of Amana Melome released by the famous Italian label.

Reunions of classic London club nights in 2009 followed the social network boom, and meant returning to the decks again –  warming up at the aforementioned Proctor’s original ‘Promised Land’ 20th anniversary  reunion &  James Parker’s ‘Shakavara’ in conjunction with legendary club night ‘Flying’ – being particular highlights.

‘Acidiscotech’ (produced a couple of years earlier) became the inaugural Aural Graffiti release in 2010. Shortly after moving to Norway late 2011, John started a weekend residency at Oslo club night ‘Cosmic’. While more focused on production and label releases these days, the desire to DJ is never too far away.