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Homework Brothers ‘Feel It’ (Elektric Dancer Remix)

[soundcloud id=’45064182′ comments=’true’ playerType=’Artwork’]


Elektric Dancer’s stripped down & reworked mix of ‘Feel it’ by Homework Brothers.

‘Back to Boogie’ 60 minute DJ MIX for download

Hey use the down arrow on the far right to download the track 😉

A bit of a warm up set this….tempo ranging from 88 – 95BPM. Overall the music style of the mix takes you back to the early – mid 80’s….there’s a couple of minor discrepancies BUT apart from that…. Play LOUD & enjoy! Tracklisting; Love 2 Boogie, BEATCONDUCTOR. Tipsy? MUNK. Galactic Spice, SPACE RANGER. The Rhythm, KELTON PRIMA feat HARD TON. Love is in your eyes, DEADLY SINS. Look at me, JONA SAUCEDO. Situation, JEROME DERRADJI. Actions speak louder than words, TERRY COLLINS. Chanky, EARPHUNK. Just Can’t Get Enuff, BEATFANATIC. Like a rocket, BEATCONDUCTOR. Light, LTJ. Desiderata, ROSKO. Late night drop, GAZEEBO. Around the World, BENOIT & SERGIO. Knucklebeat, DJ STEEF. Thank you (dub mix), D-TRAIN.

Aural Graffiti Recordings

Aural Graffiti Records was formed in 2010. The main purpose of this website is to showcase and promote the labels material, which features original productions & remixes from a talented roster of artists that include The Project Club feat. Johanna Lee, Twisted Tongue,  Leftside Wobble, Above Machine, Haules Baules, Mondo Disco, Al Mackenzie (D Ream / Dancing Bear), JP Source, LeeN/Benny Diction, DL101, Paris Syndrome and the Disko Selectors.